Product: Chai Masala
Recipe 1:
To get better taste of Chai add “KUMBH CHAI MASALA” while you boil water to make chai. For 2 cups of chai add a pinch or for 4 cups of chai add ¼ tsp of “KUMBH CHAI MASALA” Kumbh Chai Masala is also use to prepare Ukala.

Recipe 2:
Boil two cups of water. Add “KUMBH CHAI MASALA” except sugar and milk. Boil for about 30 seconds. Allow it to stand for a minute. In a pot, heat the milk. Filter the tea into cups. Now add milk and sugar. Masala tea is ready to serve.

Ingredients: Dry Ginger, Black Paper, Cassia, Nutmeg, Clove, Green Cardamom
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