Product: Sp. Garam Masala
Recipe 1:
Boil, peel & chop potatoes. Heat oil, fry cumin seeds till golden brown, add chillies & ginger, ground to a paste. Saute till chillies are well fried, then add Kumbh Coriander Powder. After 20 secs, add the potatoes, salt, Kumbh Sp. Garam Masala, Everest Chat Masala & chopped coriander leaves. Mix. Cool.

Shell: Make a semi-stiff dough with maida, melted vanaspati, salt & ice-cold water. Set aside for 20 mins. Divide into 8 parts. Roll 8 oblong chappatis. Cut into 2. Make a cone. Stuff it with the above filling. Dampen edges with water. Seal. For a crispy covering allow the samosa to dry. Deep fry in hot oil on a slow flame. (10 mins for each batch.)

Ingredients: Coriander, Cummin, Black Pepper, Cassia Leaves, Cardamom, Stone Flower, Mace, Cassia, Khas Khas, Black Cardamom, Shaijeera, Anistar, Chilli.
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